A call for earthquake poems

Call For Submissions

Proposed anthology of poems prompted by the Canterbury Earthquakes

There has already been a range of wide range responses to the earthquakes  – from moving to darkly comic, from passionate to offbeat and quirky.

All of this suggests – despite its rather bleak subject matter – a nuanced and richly varied collection of poems might be gathered together for possible publication in book form.

Local poets and editors Joanna Preston and James Norcliffe are currently gathering such material and would be interested in receiving work that might be appropriate.

The anthology is still very much at the projected stage and there is no certainty it will proceed. It is also proposed that any proceeds beyond publication costs be donated to appropriate earthquake recovery projects so that no individual payment will be offered.

We would be interested in considering either published or unpublished material.

Submissions, which should be sent to either

James Norcliffe normel@clear.net.nz  or  x-msg://2/normel@clear.net.nz

Joanna Preston  preston.joanna@gmail.com  or x-msg://2/preston.joanna@gmail.com

Deadline:  October 30.

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