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Launch of Puna Wai Kōrero: An Anthology of Māori Poetry in English and Gregory O’Brien talks with Kim Hill


Launch of Puna Wai Kōrero: An Anthology of Māori Poetry in English Edited by Reina Whaitiri & Robert Sullivan  (Auckland University Press)

Where: Monday, September 29 at 5:30pm

When: Waipapa Marae at The University of Auckland. Auckland.

Listen to Gregory O’Brien in conversation with Kim Hill about the book.

Visiting Gladstone School … The winning Auckland School

Gladstone School was the Auckland winner of The Third Fabulous Poetry Competition. So I am spending today and tomorrow at the school. Thanks to The Nw Zealand Book Council for supporting this competition and helping me pick the winners.

First up the Year One and Twos. Here are the poems we made up. They sat for a whole hour and were hooked on poems.

Gladstone Road Shoes

Rubber shoes
Slipper shoes
Velcro shoes
Sore Shoes
Sparkly shoes
Monkey shoes
Basketball shoes
Broken shoes
Running shoes
Dinosaur shoes
Blue shoes
Yellow shoes
Lightning shoes
Shoes are cool!


My Russian blue cat
scratches all the time
like a tiger,
sleeps and purrs
frisky cat.

My cat likes
to eat tuna
and cheese,
scrumple scrumple.

My cat likes
to sleep in my bed
on the sofa
on the cushions
on the table.

She does a somersault.
She brushes my tail.

My Kite

Rainbow kite
Kite flies
Fairy kite
Kite swishes
Disco kite
Kite twirls
Golden kite
Kite glazes
Butterfly kite
Kite races
I love my kite.

Three Chords and the Truth: an evening of music and poetry for grownups (The Adulterators starring Cliff Fell and John Newton)

The Adulterators (Cliff Fell & John Newton) w/ Mahoney Harris
Wed Oct 8 at 7:30pm to Thu Oct 9 at 10:00pm
The Dog’s Bollix in Auckland, New Zealand

Three Chords and the Truth: an evening of music and poetry for grownups

Poem Friday: Daniel Mathers’ ‘Chain’ a sense of detachment, emptiness, time-standing-still invades its very core



Bright but distant lights shining faintly from a prison
Stars in the sky as though trapped in a prism
Not a car for days and days, nothing to be seen
Long strip of short-cut grass, splotchy brown and green
Letterboxes down the street draw a wandering eye
Trees bending in the wind, way up in the sky
Lying on the road at night, breathing in the air
Nothing else to see or hear, I am all that’s there.

Bio: Daniel Mathers is a 15 year old, Year 10 student from Lincoln High School. Originally born in Melbourne, Australia, he has been living in New Zealand for the last 10 years and currently resides in Rolleston, Christchurch. His hobbies include the likes of playing video games, spending time with friends and family and making short films for his YouTube channel.

Author’s Note: I hadn’t really written any poems before I wrote ‘Chain.’ Well, I mean not any that I had put any effort into. I did write the occasional poem in English class but those were just because I had to. My inspiration for ‘Chain’ came to me on the night of my 12th Birthday. I was bored and so my friend and I walked up my driveway to the road I lived on. It was so peaceful, there were no cars around and very little light. It was so peaceful. That memory stayed with me for a very long time until I was able to finally share it through my poem, ‘Chain.’

Paula’s note: I did a workshop with a group of students at Lincoln High and I was really struck with the mood of this poem. The way a sense of detachment, emptiness, time-standing-still invades its very core. The detail that aches with both fullness and vacancy. There are the musical chords that are slightly off key (prison/prism, bending/breathing, nothing/splotchy, stars/grass). It almost felt like a sonnet cut short. And at the heart, the poet absorbed in the moment. I like the enigma of the title. The way things are linked and continuous. The way things are linked and prison-like. That whole sense of entrapment in routine and the deeply familiar. It’s a haunting and evocative poem.

The Book Show – Face TV – Link to first episode

Congratulations Carole Beu and Graeme Beattie on the first episode. Love the warmth in the conversations, the range of focus and the talk that seems in depth and unhurried. looking forward to Epsiode 2.

The Book Show – Face TV – Link to first episode

Here is the link to the first episode in the series.
Wednesdays at 8.30pm until 12 November  – Sky Channel 83