Visiting Gladstone School … The winning Auckland School

Gladstone School was the Auckland winner of The Third Fabulous Poetry Competition. So I am spending today and tomorrow at the school. Thanks to The Nw Zealand Book Council for supporting this competition and helping me pick the winners.

First up the Year One and Twos. Here are the poems we made up. They sat for a whole hour and were hooked on poems.

Gladstone Road Shoes

Rubber shoes
Slipper shoes
Velcro shoes
Sore Shoes
Sparkly shoes
Monkey shoes
Basketball shoes
Broken shoes
Running shoes
Dinosaur shoes
Blue shoes
Yellow shoes
Lightning shoes
Shoes are cool!


My Russian blue cat
scratches all the time
like a tiger,
sleeps and purrs
frisky cat.

My cat likes
to eat tuna
and cheese,
scrumple scrumple.

My cat likes
to sleep in my bed
on the sofa
on the cushions
on the table.

She does a somersault.
She brushes my tail.

My Kite

Rainbow kite
Kite flies
Fairy kite
Kite swishes
Disco kite
Kite twirls
Golden kite
Kite glazes
Butterfly kite
Kite races
I love my kite.

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