My SST Jenny Bornholdt review

Selected_Poems_Jenny_BornholdtRGBweb__66924.1464840641.220.220.jpg    Selected_Poems_Jenny_BornholdtRGBweb__66924.1464840641.220.220.jpg


Selected Poems
Jenny Bornholdt
Victoria University Press, $40

Jenny Bornholdt, a former New Zealand Poet Laureate, much honoured and widely loved, has published nine poetry collections and a number of chapbooks. She has also co-edited an edition of love poems and the award-winning Oxford Anthology of New Zealand Poetry in English.

Victoria University Press has recently released an exquisite hardcover edition of her Selected Poems. The beauty of returning to the start of a poet’s work and traversing the contours of a writing life is to experience the delight and wonder of the poetry all over again.


for full review go here

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