Sound Sky – a memory walk in Christchurch using sound archives-is a very good idea indeed


Sound Sky: Memory Walk (Monday session)

Monday 24th 12:00 pm1:00 pm

Walk with us through a sonic landscape of memories, stories, and secrets hidden in downtown Christchurch. Audio recordings unearthed from historical interviews, archives, out-of-date audio tours and event recordings are repurposed into a city-wide, location-sensitive audioscape. We also invite you to add your own histories and memories in events the week prior. The Memory Walk will then divine a pathway through this layering of time and histories within the city.

For more info see

or here

Sound Sky runs on Sunday and Monday, 12-1pm. Meet at Godley Statue, Cathedral Square.

This project is presented by Sound Sky. It is part of FESTA 21-24 October in Christchurch.

I love this idea and hope I can get  the APP for it when I am next in Christchurch. It sent me dreaming of a poem APP that you could use on a trail around our cities. Stand here and look up at the sky and listen to this poem. Look at Katherine Mansfield’s gate and listen to this one. So beyond my expertise but I love the idea of poem sound trails for an APP. Paula

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