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Liz Breslin, placed third in Charles Causley International Poetry Competition Winners 2016

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The Winners:

1st: ‘The Load’ by Jack Thacker (Bristol) – £2000 and a week at Cyprus Well

2nd: ‘The Year You Turned Into A Fish’ by Joanne Key (Cheshire) – £250

3rd: ‘Walk A Mile/ Stepping Out’ by Liz Breslin (Hawea Flat, NZ) – £100


As a child in the UK, Liz Breslin memorised Charles Causley’s poems, sitting in the bath. She now lives in Hawea Flat, New Zealand and writes poems, plays, stories, articles, and a fortnightly column for the Otago Daily Times. She also edits, parents, partners, skis badly, gardens sporadically, coordinates a school student volunteer programme, drinks too much coffee and loves getting her feet wet.

Liz’s first collection of poems, Alzheimer’s and a Spoon, will be published by Otago University Press in 2017. She is comfy on the page and the stage, was second runner up in the 2014 New Zealand Poetry Slam in Wellington and did an audience-response poem at the 2016 TEDx Queenstown. Liz took part in the ‘52’ project in 2014, where she discovered new voices and fantastic practices. Her poems can be found in Landfall, Café Reader, Takahē and other places in NZ, overseas and online, as well as brewing in the bath. Poems give her hope, connection and stoke. http://www.lizbreslin.com


Full details here.

Comments from Liz here.

You can find some of her poems here and they are good!

Exciting to see Liz has a collection out with Otago University Press this year.