The Charles Causley International Poetry Competition: Liz Breslin’s winning poem

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 8.42.43 AM.png

extract from ‘Walk A Mile/ Stepping Out’


‘Liz Breslin is the 3rd prize winner for this year’s Charles Causley International Poetry Competition. Her winning poem is ‘Walk A Mile/ Stepping Out’ and was selected by our head judge Sir Andrew Motion.

As a child in the UK, Liz Breslin memorised Charles Causley’s poems, sitting in the bath. She now lives in Hawea Flat, New Zealand and writes poems, plays, stories, articles, and a fortnightly column for the Otago Daily Times. She also edits, parents, partners, skis badly, gardens sporadically, coordinates a school student volunteer programme, drinks too much coffee and loves getting her feet wet.’


For the full comments and complete poem see here. I loved the way the poem moves – and especially love the ending!

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