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Poetry Shelf Monday poem: Rosina Baxter and Amy Marguerite’s ‘Pathetic Fallacy’

Pathetic Fallacy

The rain is falling hard on the farm today
We’ve just messaged about loving older humans
How it’s true that age is just a number
How we want the whole world (two people) 
To eat our truth.   But how?
At noon certain numbers make a nation 
Sigh in unison
In the morning certain numbers make a city
Take out their thickest coat
At midlife certain numbers make a person 
Wistful for the bygone.
My grandmother is watching the kārearea soar 
Across the valley on warm spring waves
We give our lovers nicknames 
Like birds giving each patch of air a wing.
Punching my keyboard I ask is there is a way
to give without giving everything?  
I can’t help but think we are the kārearea
Our lovers the old ones watching 
Us soar, somewhere, like eyelashes
Licking golden cheeks 
Watching us watch the whole world
Watch each other 
For the wrong kind of answer.

Rosina Baxter and Amy Marguerite

Rosina Baxter is an emerging poet and songwriter who has used written word as personal catharsis from a young age. She is a regular performer at Poetry Live on Karangahape Road, she narrates poetry and prose for Passengers Journal, and has recently been published in Tarot Magazine.

Amy Marguerite is a poet and writer of non-fiction based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Wellington. Her poetry has featured in a number of journals and literary magazines, most recently the Food Court S08E01 zine. She is currently working alongside Rosina toward a collaborative collection of poetry. 

Poetry Shelf poems: Amy Marguerite’s ‘Locations of Interest’


       Locations of Interest

       I am beginning the current lockdown with a reflection.

       Since last lockdown I’ve

  • Acquired my full drivers license
  • Chipped my two front teeth in Ponsonby
  • Learned how to bottle-feed a newborn
  • Lived in four different houses
  • Cried myself to sleep in four different beds
  • Experienced my first optical migraine
  • Wondered why age is more salient than a person’s humanity
  • Bonded with two new felines
  • Decided that emotional pain does have a location
  • Apologised for being an absent friend
  • Used the word ‘sorry’ unnecessarily/too many times
  • Stopped going to the gym
  • Slept for an entire day
  • Fallen out of & back in love with my body
  • Consumed copious amounts of cheese & wine
  • Dismantled my obsession with the Virginia-Vita romance
  • Had poetry published in literary magazines
  • Swum with phosphorescent plankton at Campbells Beach
  • Almost set fire to my diary collection
  • Taken the ECP (x2)
  • Sung lullabies to my plants in the morning
  • Left people before they could leave me
  • Read the Psalms
  • Taught myself how to play the acoustic guitar
  • Started back on antidepressants
  • Accidentally/intentionally continued my streak of not speaking in lectures
  • Developed a particular fondness for the Tūī bird
  • Developed a severe hatred for money
  • Tried tart cherry juice to aid sleep
  • Redefined sex
  • Learned how to use MYOB (business software)
  • Made a new best friend
  • Dropped the same university paper twice
  • Been somebody I’m not
  • Chopped open a kina on the ocean floor
  • Taken a liking to capers
  • Convinced myself into & out of heterosexual preference (laughable)
  • Had an article published in the paper
  • Continued to be hopelessly in love with a person
  • Been trapped in an elevator for an hour
  • Stopped starving myself (hurrah)
  • Realised all my prayers are pleas
  • Become a better (more present/attentive/responsive) listener
  • Come to terms with my idiosyncrasies
  • Read Romantic poetry in the Mount Street Cemetery
  • Trained myself to lucid dream
  • Drawn dead hydrangeas all over my exercise book
  • Relished walks in the rain
  • Immediately & overly attached to affection
  • Regularly flossed my teeth
  • Signed up to Twitter
  • Endured the worst acute gastroenteritis ever
  • Compulsively kept a blog & dream journal
  • Watched my little sister fight her eating disorder
  • Slept overnight on a boat (x2)
  • Experienced Mal de Debarquement Syndrome (x2) 
  • Composed a song about bathtubs & windows
  • Dined & dialogued with accomplished authors
  • Worn in two pairs of blister-conducive leather shoes
  • Decided I like the colour orange

Amy Marguerite

Amy Marguerite (she/her) is a 23 year old writer and student based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara. Her work has featured in WORD – The Front Line, Salient, Salty Magazine, NZ Herald, Milly Magazine, and the New Zealand Young Writers Festival. Amy’s blog.