Poetry Shelf connections: Hana Pera Aoake reads ‘My heart swings like poi’







This is an audio recording of Hana Pera Aoake reading a poem they wrote called, ‘My heart swings like poi’, which they wrote for Te Rito o te Harakeke, which was a journal they co-edited with essa may ranapiri, Sinead Overbyne and Michelle Rahurahu Scott for Ihumaatao.

They have been very busy with the first issue of Tupuranga which has just launched.




Hana Pera Aoake (Ngaati Raukawa, Ngaati Mahuta, Tainui/Waikato) is an INFP, Gemini heartthrob living on Kai Tahu land in Te wai pounamu. They are a writer, editor and artist in a stupid amount of debt (Liv, Laff, Luv), having completed an MFA in Fine Arts (first class) in 2018 from Massey University. They are a current participant in the Independent study program at the Maumaus des escola artes via a screen and an editor at both Tupuranga journal and Kei te pai press.








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