Poetry Shelf secondary school spot: Mo’ui Niupalavu’s ‘Camp’




Do you remember how birds

would wait until we woke up

 so they could be feed?

Do you remember

the time you saved me

from falling in the trap we built?


I wish I could carry that smell of burnt twigs

and the mixed smell of leaves and rice

with me forever.

Every night I would lay by the bright,

warm flame that accompanied

the smell of rice pudding.

I remember I would pick

the rough leaves as I daydreamed

about what would happen if we were lost.


If only life could give us another chance to go back.


Mo’ui Niupalavu





Mo’ui’s poem was inspired by Lauris Edmond’s poem ‘Camping‘, picked for the blog by Kate Camp a few weeks ago.


Hello, my name is Mo’ui. I am from St Bernard’s College in Lower Hutt and I am a proud Tongan. I have a brother who is 7 years and a father; my mother passed away when I was 13, I am now 14 years and in Year 10. I love music and English. I want to pursue music when I am older because I love to compose songs and write lyrics.



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