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Happy Birthday Sam Hunt

Radio NZ has produced a small video of Sam Hunt reading a few poems  from his new collection, Salt River Songs. It is a perfect snap shot of Sam at home in the Kaipara, and of the lyrical joy of his poetry. Altogether mesmerising.

h a p p y   b i r t h d a y  S a m Hunt, you are our poetry icon extraordinaire, and poetry in New Zealand would not be the same without you. We grew up with Sam-Hunt poems sizzling and simmering in our blood.

T h a  n k   y o u !




Emma Neale on being shortlisted for the Sarah Broom Poetry Award

This is a terrific piece of writing. Emma offers us a moving tribute to Sarah, her love of her poetry and a poem– amongst other things.

‘Now that I am settling down a bit from the giddy whirl of the Auckland Readers and Writers Festival, I want to repeat here how much admiration I have for Michael Gleissner and the other trust members who set up the Sarah Broom Award. To do this so soon after losing Sarah must have taken an enormous amount of energy and focus at a very raw and vulnerable time. I know from all the positive feedback and well-wishing I was lucky enough to receive even as a short-listee, that the wider poetry community has been highly aware of the award and the chance it offers to local poets.

It was a hoot to meet Sam Hunt at the session, and Kirsti Whalen showed really professional slam-background confidence. I’ve owned Sam’s poems since I was 13: though back then I didn’t have a clue what all the fuss about love and desire was. Adults seemed tortured by such bizarre emotions. Sam not only takes poetry to the people but also does a mean tap dance — look him up on YouTube. Also his interview on National Radio about the Sarah Broom Award is a marvellous recording. It’s the kind of radio that makes you forget how to multi-task. You just end up frozen in place, dishcloth at the window, struck in an attitude of intense distraction.’

See the rest of Emma Neale’s post here.

Sam Hunt recites a Sarah Broom poem to Kathryn Ryan


Sam Hunt talks about the new Sarah Broom Poetry Award, recites a few poems in his magnificent, melodic way (one by Sarah and one by Seamus Heaney) and tells Kathryn that he always listens to poems first. So many New Zealand poets think the way a poem sounds is the first and crucial point — including me. Interesting interview!

Play it here.

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