Poetry Shelf connections: Vaughan Rapatahana reads ‘kia atawhai – te huaketo 2020’


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You also watch Vaughan read the poem on YouTube



kia atawhai – te huaketo 2020


kia atawhai ki ā koutou whānau

kia atawhai ki ā koutou whanaunga

kia atawhai ki ā koutou hoa

kia atawhai ki ā koutou kiritata

kia atawhai ki ā koutou hoamahi

kia atawhai ki ngā uakoao

kia atawhai ki ā koutou ano.


ka whakamatea te huaketo

ki te atawhai.


kia atawhai.



be kind – the virus 2020


be kind to your families

be kind to your relatives

be kind to your friends

be kind to your neighbours

be kind to your workmates

be kind to strangers

be kind to yourselves.


kill the virus

with kindness.


be kind.


Vaughan Rapatahana



Vaughan Rapatahana (Te Ātiawa) commutes between homes in Hong Kong, Philippines and Aotearoa New Zealand. He is widely published across several genre in both his main languages, te reo Māori and English and his work has been translated into Bahasa Malaysia, Italian, French, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Five books published during 2019 – in Aotearoa New Zealand, India, United Kingdom. Includes his latest poetry collection ngā whakamatuatanga/interludes published by Cyberwit, Allahabad, India. Participated in World Poetry Recital Night, Kuala Lumpur, September 2019. Participated in Poetry International, the Southbank Centre, London, U.K. in October 2019 – in the launch of Poems from the Edge of Extinction and in Incendiary Art: the power of disruptive poetry. Interviewed by The Guardian newspaper whilst in London.

His poem tahi kupu anake included in the presentation by Tove Skutnabb-Kangas to the United Nations Forum on Minority Issues in Geneva in November 2019. Interviewed on Radio NZ by Kim Hill in November 2019.

2 thoughts on “Poetry Shelf connections: Vaughan Rapatahana reads ‘kia atawhai – te huaketo 2020’

  1. Mary Campbell

    Kiaorana Paula

    Wondering if you could mention my new book. Yellow Moon. I dont write for academics but for ordinary people so it won’t appeal to many of the poets you represent however if you are keen let me know. Apirana Taylor has written the foreword. I would appreciate you mentioning that I don’t write for poets as I dont stand I that space. You can google information about it happy to send you manuscript to flick through but will understand if you dont want to.


    Much aroha



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