Poetry Shelf Monday Poem: Jennifer Comptom’s ‘i smashed my head’


i smashed my head



in a circle before ballet class

hand in hand

with girls in candyfloss slippers

and little wraparound skirts


someone gave my hand a good pull

down i went


an odd thwack

it hurt but

i jumped up



i had given my head

a fantastic crack

let something out

let something in


later that night i sat shivering by our fire

odd thoughts were ranging through me

our mother noticed i was


she put me to bed



i woke up

to the morning

leaping through the window



©Jennifer Compton


‘i smashed my head’ was published in Rabbit.


Jennifer Comptom is a poet and playwright who also writes prose. Her most recent poetry collection, Mr Clean & The Junkie, was published by Mākaro Press in 2015 and was longlisted for the Ockham NZ Book Awards. She lives in Melbourne.


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