The Mixtape: Bill Manhire with Kirsten Johnstone is so good @RNZNational

This breath-of-fresh-air conversation between Bill Manhire and Kirsten Johnstone weaves in and out of music, poetry and life with music clips. Great way to celebrate NZ poetry with Poetry Day looming. Aucklanders will get to hear Bill at Going West this year.  His words are put to music by Norman Meehan on the Friday night and they are both in conversation with me on the Saturday.
Poetry music gold! Maybe KJ will do mixed tapes with more poets.
19 Aug 2017

The Mixtape: Bill Manhire

Bill Manhire

Bill Manhire Photo: supplied



‘Friday, August 25th is the 20th National Poetry Day – and there are plenty of opportunities for people of all ages to hear, read, write and collaborate on poetry of all styles around the country.


Making our mixtape today is Bill Manhire, one of our best known and acclaimed poets, and one of the most influential – he’s taught hundreds of successful fiction writers, playwrights and poets over the years he was at Victoria University.’



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