Vaughan Rapatahana wins THE PROVERSE POETRY PRIZE

The inauguration of the international Proverse Poetry Prize (single poems)
was announced at The Proverse Publishing Parade in November 2015.
The first entries were received and judged atthe same time and by the same judging panel as the international Proverse Prize for unpublished book-length work submitted in English. Depending on the standard of the poems received in any year as entries for the international Proverse Poetry Prize (single Poems), cash prizes will be awarded to those judged first, second and up to four third winners. Selection to appear in an anthology of entries is also awarded by the judges as a prize.
The results of the inaugural (2016) competition were announced at the “Proverse Publishing Parade” held on Tuesday, 22 November, in Central Hong Kong. They are as follows:
First Prize: Vaughan Rapatahana, for ‘tin yan don’
Second Prize: Maria Elena Blanco, for ‘Temple of Chamundi, Mysore’
Third Prizes:
Joy Al-Sofi, for ‘White Water’;
Gili Haimovich, for ‘Pedestrians’ Cheer’;
Luisa Ternau, for ‘Spring in My Heart’.
Winners of a place in the Proverse Poetry Prize Anthology 2016
Aytül Akal · Joy Al-Sofi · Maria Elena Blanco ·Hei Feng · Gili Haimovich · Akin Jeje · Susan Lavender · Liv Lundberg · Marta Markoska ·Mathura (pen-name of Margus Lattik) · Glória Sofia Varela Monteiro · Keith Nunes ·Sam Powney · Vaughan Rapatahana · Angelo Rizzi · Hayley Solomon · Dong Sun ·Luisa Ternau · Carter Vance · Mavisel Yene
The Proverse Poetry Prize Anthology 2016
will be published and the cash prizes for first, second and
third place winners will be awarded at or immediately after the next Proverse event, which is expected to take place in or about April 2017.
The places of birth of the twenty writers whose work will be included in the anthology range from Scandinavia to the Far East, to the southern hemisphere; and
include Canada, Cap Verde, Cuba, Estonia, Italy, Macedonia, New Zealand, Norway, the People’s Republic of China, Turkey, the UK and the USA. Of those who live or presently live in a country other than their place of birth, one or more writers live in
Austria, Chile, Holland, Hong Kong, Israel, the Philippines, Spain and
the USA. For most of them, English is not their mother tongue. — A truly international group of talented and thoughtful people!
Entries for the 2017 Proverse Poetry Prize will be received from 7 May 2017 until 14 July 2017.
information is available
from the free Proverse E-Newsletter, published every 4-6 weeks and also from
To be kept informed of the progress of the annual cycle of the
international Proverse Prizes, please send a request to join the mailing-list for the Proverse Hong Kong E-Newsletter, <>.

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