a poetry-reading album for my new book



Last night we had a big poetry reading at Gow Langsford Gallery in the middle of Michael’s show to celebrate the arrival of New York Pocket Book. It was a really special occasion with 15 poets reading city poems by themselves and others. It felt like our art family (of Michael and I) was hosting my poetry family. Such warmth and empathy in the room. Such a good turn out (over 60 at one point), with poets not reading coming along too. So generous. The readings underlined why there is so much to love about poetry in NZ.

Helen Rickerby has done such a gorgeous job on the book – taking precious time out from her life as a poet. I can never overlook that.

No notes on the readings – I just wanted to savour a free ticket to the world courtesy of poems. And I loved it.

So thank you poets and thank you audience for making this occasion memorable.




Helen Rickerby, Seraph Press

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