Hinemoana Baker is three quarters of the way there. Can you help?

A letter from Hinemoana Baker on current support for her funding campaign via Boosted:

‘Three quarters.

I still can’t find the proper words to say thank you for this.

I am over 3/4 of the way towards my fundraising goal to allow me to keep writing my family memoir ‘Dear Mother Basillise’.

I am still blown away by the number of people who say ‘sorry it couldn’t be more’ when they write their messages alongside their donations.

I am beyond stoked that there are 133 of you who feel strongly enough about me and this project to give so much towards it already.

There are 15 days to go to reach our target of $15,000.

As you may or may not know, unless I reach the full total, all the donations are bounced back to the generous folks who gave them.

So – please give something if you can, and/or feel free to share this link with anyone who might be interested in supporting ‘Dear Mother Basillise’:


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