NZ Poetry Shelf 2015

NZ Poetry Shelf is a bit like a poetry piazza — a meeting point for news, views and readings that welcomes both critical debate and celebration. It is a place I have built to share my love of poetry with the help of others in various ways.

This year I aim to:

+    flag NZ poetry events, competitions, awards and news.
+    flag the release of new NZ poetry books via publishers’ press notes.
+    post interviews with New Zealand poets.
+    continue Poem Friday where I select and discuss a poem I have loved.
+    post book reviews. It is not possible for me to review ALL New Zealand poetry books but I
       want to review as many as time and interest allows.
+    host a series of mini poetry symposiums
+   Last year was such a busy year, I intend reviewing a number of 2014 poetry books that
      caught my eye from a stack of about 60.
+   I am willing to post guest features, musings, interviews and reviews. Please send brief
      proposal to email address below bearing in mind this blog runs on the currency of love.
+   I will  invite you to contribute to the annual list of favourite poetry books we have read in the
      past year.
Please send relevant material to be posted to
(NOTE I cannot post PDFs)
Please send review copies to PO Box 95078, Swanson, Waitakere 0653

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