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All Good Poems Wear Travelling Shoes: A Dunedin Fringe Festival event

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As part of the Dunedin Fringe Festival, a new Dunedin ‘City of Literature’ event combines literary luminaries with the cream of the new ‘Dunedin Sound’.

Some of New Zealand’s top poets have combined with the cream of the new ‘Dunedin Sound’, acting and creative talent.

Eight Dunedin poets have had one poem each interpreted and embodied by a team of musicians and actors to produce eight distinct and unique works.

These works will be performed by the musical and acting teams during the event, which also includes the poet’s own reading of their featured poems; this way the audience can compare the created piece with the poets own reading.

The combination of the distinct art forms of Poetry, Music and Acting will ensure an energetic and diverse event that is sure to hold something for all tastes.

This provocative and engaging event showcases some of the literary talent that underpins Dunedin’s status as a UNESCO City of Literature while at the same time heralding the quality of Dunedin’s musical and creative talent.

Poets featured : Emma Neale, Sue Wootton, James Dignan and Carolyn McCurdie, Shae McMillan, Giles Graham, Ian Loughran & Sas Ambicus.

Musicians featured include members of Dunedin bands Strange Harvest, Opposite Sex, Kilmog and acclaimed Christchurch Cellist Nicole Reddington.

Players include: Kiri Martin, Dell Mcleod, Tim Player & Ian Loughran.

The event was created and devised by Dunedin Poet, writer and broadcaster Ian Loughran

Where: Taste Merchants, Lower Stuart Street, Dunedin

When: 14 March 7.30pm & 15 March 6.30pm

Contact: Ian Loughran

Email ianloff@yahoo.com.au

Tel: 03 467 5425  mobile: 0210 272  5165