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Morning Shivers, Fierce Light, Unmissable: Bill Manhire’s poem, Suzie Hanna’s short film


Part of Fierce Light

Poem:  Bill Manhire

Animator:  Suzie Hanna

Voice:   Stella Duffy

Sound Design:  Phil Archer


Fierce Light brought together leading poets from countries that participated in the First World War, including Yrsa Daley-Ward, Jackie Kay, Bill Manhire, Paul Muldoon and Daljit Nagra, to create new works that endeavour to understand the incomprehensible; exploring contemporary events while also contemplating the First World War. These works were presented alongside a series of specially commissioned short films, each made in response to the new poems and themes raised within them.

Co-commissioned by 14-18 NOW, Norfolk & Norwich Festival and Writers Centre Norwich

Poem also appeared on BBC Radio 3


This is so moving; so perfect in its simplicity and rhyme, its flickering images, as though the past can never settle, always slightly out of grasp, the resonant voice drawing us in, the physical detail also flickering with heartbreak and static. It is one story and it is manifold. This is what poetry can do when it meets up with an animator. Memorable. PG