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JAAM 2013: my taster of treats (so far)


Harvey Molloy (poet and teacher) joined with Clare Needham (JAAM‘s co-managing editor) to edit ‘The 2013 Issue.’ While not enforcing a particular theme, the editors did present several questions that contributing poets could bear in mind: What are you thinking about now? What is your 2013 issue?

This bumper issue is a mix of prose and poetry from established and emerging writers, and reflects the way New Zealand writing absorbs an eclectic range of thought and issues (stunning cover BTW!).

Here is taster of my poem treats so far:

Emma Barne’s ‘I am in bed with you’ is a lushly detailed, astonishing roller-coaster of a poem. It’s hypnotic pattern of decreasing lines and increasing ellipsis takes you back to 1994 and to the white-hot core at the poem’s end.

Helen Yong’s ‘The Tea Ceremony’ is refined in focus. The sweetly crafted detail of the teapot ceremony offers cues to a relationship (he and she, then we).

Vaughan Rapatahana’s ‘it’s 3 a.m. in papatoetoe,’ exudes visual playfulness that makes music chime in your ear.

The melodic narrative is both strange and compelling in Joanna Preston’s ‘Fare.’

There’s the terrific discovery of Natasha Dinnerstein; from the sheer elegance of ‘Articulated’ to the hot beat and pulsing detail of ‘Grecian Urn Dance Remix.’

And Helen Heath’s short poem broken into two parallel blocks (a shudder of silence or synchopation down the middle) like two frontal lobes.

Or David Howard’s dynamic ‘Venture My Word’ that also used parallel blocks of verse to play with breath and movement.

The surprise and vitality of Rachel Fenton’s ‘The Scientist’ (I loved the structure). Loved this poem!

I haven’t started the prose yet, and there still poems to read. I don’t know why, but I always dip in and out of journals, landing wherever a page falls open. This doesn’t provide a view of the editors’ crafted arc, but it is a perfect way to slip poetic treats into a day. In response to the editors’ questions, regardless of whether the contributors addressed them directly, NZ poets have all manner of things on their mind—and like a prism, the poems catch myriad traces of time and place in their light.

Guest editor for 2014 is Sue Wootton.

JAAM link.

Call for submissions for JAAM

Call for submissions – JAAM 32: Shorelines


Submissions are now open for issue 32 of JAAM literary journal.

Sue Wootton

Sue Wootton

For this issue we are shifting south, and are delighted that Dunedinite Sue Wootton is our guest editor for our 2014 issue. Sue is probably best known as a poet – she has published three collections of poetry, most recently By Birdlight (Steele Roberts, 2011), and has won awards for her poems. But she’s also an experienced prose writer. Her ebook of three short stories, The Happiest Music on Earth, was published in 2012 and her children’s book, Cloudcatcher, came out in 2010. Sue has twice been a runner up in the BNZ Katherine Mansfield short story awards, has been a finalist in the Sunday Star Times and Royal Society of New Zealand Manhire Prize short story competitions, and has won the Aoraki Literary Festival short story prize.

The theme for JAAM 32 is ‘shorelines’, and Sue welcomes submissions that consider this theme from any angle, loosely, or not at all.

JAAM publishes poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, essays, photography and other artwork. Please don’t send simultaneous submissions, more than six poems or more than three prose submissions.

JAAM prefers emailed submissions. Send to jaammagazine@yahoo.co.nz, using ‘JAAM submission’ (or similar) in your subject line, so we know it’s not spam. Include your submission(s) in the body of your email. If you have particular formatting, you can also include your submissions in an attachment (.doc, .rtf, .pdf or any image file type is ok for images).

If you don’t have email, you can post submissions to:

PO Box 25239
Wellington 6146
New Zealand

Make sure you include a stamped self-addressed envelope for reply.

The deadline for submissions is 31 March 2014, and JAAM 32 will be published in or around September 2014.

C A L L F O R S U B M I S S I O N S for Ika

C A L L   F O R   S U B M I S S I O N S

 Ika wants to swim with you

 Ika 2 is emitting a high-frequency call for submissions to its second issue. The deadline is 1 May 2014.

 Ika is the literary and arts journal of Manukau Institute of Technology Faculty of Creative Arts. Ika publishes poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, visual art and photography, from Aotearoa, the wider Pacific and beyond. Ika’s contributors include writers and artists who are fully submerged and those who are putting their flipper in the water for the first time.

Submissions can be emailed to ikajournal@gmail.com

Electronic documents are preferred, but printouts together with a self-addressed envelope may be mailed to: Ika Journal, Faculty of Creative Arts, Manukau Institute of Technology, Private Bag 9400, South Auckland Mail Centre 224, New Zealand

There is a submission limit of eight poems, eight images, or 7,000 words of prose. Inquiries are welcome.

Editors: Anne Kennedy and Robert Sullivan