Poetry Shelf Occasional Poems Bee Trudgeon’s Comforter


I borrowed an extra duvet from your bed last midnight
Creeping through the darkened house 
to execute the crime that it felt like
Even though you didn’t need it
You weren’t in the bed

I can’t stand the sight of your naked mattress
Rearranged the pillows in memory of your dear head
The print on your coverlet is brighter than mine, still hopeful
So, I left it where it lay this morning
And wondered what you would say if it was still there and you came back.

Bee Trudgeon

Bee Trudgeon (She/Her) is a writer, rocker, stroller, strummer, mama, storyteller, dancer, perpetual student, and Porirua Children’s Librarian Kaitiaki Pukapuka Tamariki. Her journalism has been published in RipItUpThe Sapling, Gecko Press Curiously Good Book Club, NZ Poetry Shelf, and in the Free Range Press Radical Futures series volume Death and Dying in New Zealand. Her poetry has been published in Kiss Me Hardy 2, and the Amanda Palmer fan anthology Poems for the Ride. You can read more of her work on the Patreon page of her alter ego, Grace Beaster – where she posts a poem a week year-round, and a poem a day each April.

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