Poetry Shelf Occasional Poems: Amy Marguerite’s ‘hollowing full’

hollowing full

Let yourself submerge
in a puddle of your own
remaking. Permission sees
the unseeable shift from
nothingness to nothingness with
a ripple of renaissance.
Resistance strangles even those attempts
spurred by pure conviction.
Don’t let yourself half-arse it.
Don’t be fooled by anyone
who says this is an end, either.
A pool of water is the only womb
we choose to enter.

I once wrote in a poem
a cliff is only dangerous
after you jump off of it.
That was before I realised
I am terrified of heights.
A puddle is only dangerous
before you submerge in it
and by submerge I mean suspend
and by suspend I mean surrender
and by surrender I mean stop
looking up for an answer.

Amy Marguerite

Amy Marguerite (she/her) is a poet based in Aro Valley, Pōneke. She has recently completed an MA in Creative Writing at the IIML. Her poetry can be found in Food Court, Salty, Milly Mag, Poetry Shelf, Bad Apple, Sweet Mammalian and on her blog.

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