Poetry Shelf Monday Poem: essa may ranapiri’s [Echidna & Nafanua]

[Echidna & Nafanua]


for Tusiata Avia


one is lying on the couch    
the other is sizzling out on the deck
all UV ray           
the sliding door ajar              
C4 pumping
through the top 20      
808 drum machines   
and autotune     
and edgy  eyeliner  vocalists
all pronouncement all gusto          
and head voice

neither are really listening           
to what is going on

spilled orange       
citric clots to the little wooden table
propped up by wrappers and    
discarded paper

so many poems that         
neither give a shit about now the sun has
hit the land                   
eels wrapping themselves around snakes with straining jaws
just passing each other in the light
what are warrior women gonna do between            
except enjoy the summers         
as they enjoy them now       

that  they             
won’t last


essa may ranapiri

essa may ranapiri (Na Guinnich, Ngaati Wehi Wehi, Highgate, Ngaati Raukawa) is a Tainui poet from Kirikiriroa living on Ngaati Wairere land / they want everyone to know that the Echidna they write about isn’t a spikey mammal but a lady with two long snake tails instead of legs / go figure / tino takatāpuitanga 4eva

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