Poetry Shelf connections: Sam Duckor-Jones reads two poems




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Photo credit: Rebecca Hawkes





1. Lesson Six

I worked briefly at a very posh school. These kids had everything and neither they nor their teachers cared much about art except how to collect it. The walls had actual Colin McCahons on them. And the desks in the art rooms were very clean. It was a real big shame and I didn’t have the cahones to make much of a diff.





2. Report

I worked for a couple of years at a community art studio. A free creative space for anyone having a little trouble and it was so beautiful and rich (rich with mana & love & creativity that it is…. Funding, I imagine, continues to be a struggle). Wednesday mornings the staff met and reported on the attendees projects and progress…………………….. This poem, Report, is drawn from those meetings, tho names have been changed, of course.



Sam is a writer and artist who lives in Wellington. His first poetry collection, People from the Pit Stand Up, was published by VUP in 2018. He is represented by Bowen Galleries.







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