Announcing New Volumes: Pantograph Punch’s 2018-19 Critics in Residence Programme

What a fabulous initiative!

Full details here

The Pantograph Punch and Basement Theatre are pleased to invite submissions from individual writers to be part of New Volumes for 2018-19. Nau mai, haere mai!



We all know the deal: it’s tough out there for writers, and even more impossible to survive as a critic, let alone start out as one. But without critical writing – writing that responds, interrogates, and examines our experiences with artists and their work – how do we debate and grow as a community? How do we have public conversations about how work can be better, and how can we share the multiplicity of responses that any single experience might have?

New Volumes will involve up to four writers being mentored as a group across a 12-month period (beginning August 2018), covering three to four Basement shows each throughout the year  (primarily through critical writing, but with the opportunity to explore other forms like profiles or features). These pieces will go through a peer-editing process, and be accompanied by a series of workshops looking at a range of ideas, including form, structure, genre and the commercial reality of working as a writer.

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