Catherine Chidgey writes novels with the ear of a poet: Love this SST interview with Eleanor Black

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This is a terrific novel and a terrific interview. As Sue Orr said: read this book!


The Wish Child, Catherine Chidgey, Victoria University Press

‘Now the book: The Wish Child, classically Chidgeyesque in its complexity, its velvetine language and its dash of stardust, it considers the state-sanctioned brutality in Germany in the years leading up to and including World War II – how such a thing can be normalised and even embraced.

Centred on two children who meet in a bombed-out Berlin in April 1945, it is narrated by a mysterious all-knowing presence (whose identity is not revealed until the end) with clinical detachment and devastating power.

It is Chidgey’s fourth novel, and she finished writing it at the end of last year, leaving 2016 clear for baby adoration and a new writing project. There might even be another Chidgey book out next year, which is a bright and shiny gift for readers who have wondered why we got three novels in six years
In a Fishbone Church, Golden Deeds, The Transformation – and then nothing for 13 years.’

For the complete interview see here

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