Deleted Scenes for Lovers
Tracey Slaughter
Victoria University Press, $30

Tracey Slaughter’s daring short fiction deposits you on a rollercoaster, hoists you in the air, puts you in a dank, dark cupboard to eavesdrop, spins you round and round, makes you feel things to the nth degree.

Her short fiction has won awards, attracted widespread admiration in journals for years; Deleted Scenes for Lovers is her second collection.

Tracey Slaughter   1467844665073.jpg

photo by Catherine Chidgey


She teaches creative writing at the University of Waikato. If the quality and originality of writing is a yardstick for the quality and originality of a creative writing teacher, then students should flock to Slaughter’s courses. This book is something special.


for the rest of my review in SST see here

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