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Thanks to these beloved book enthusiasts! The Book Show with Beattie & Beu on Face TV – Link to last night’s final episode (and all the others)

A big thanks to Carole Beu and Graham Beattie for all the work that went into The Book Show. Imagine if TVNZ or TV3 or Prime or Sky picked this up and ran a weekly book show in four seasons next year. Consider the benefits to us — with our dynamic and rich cultures of stories and poetry, whether fiction or nonfiction? If creativity is the new word on the block, let’s showcase that creativity in the stories we tell and the poems we make.

I applaud Carole and Graham for gifting something to our eroded bookscape. You sent me in search of books that I felt I simply had to read. Thank you!

Last night’s episode, the 10th & final episode, of The Book Show on Face TV – Sky Channel 83.


And here are the nine previous episodes:





Episode 3:


Episode 4


Episode 5

Episode 6


Epiosde 7:

Episode 8:

Episode 9


THE BOOK SHOW ON FACE TV TONIGHT AT 8.30PM includes a bit of poetry

The Bookman teams up again tonight with bookseller Carole Beu for another session of author interviews, book reviews and news.

Face TV is Sky Channel 83. If you don’t have Sky or miss the show then it will be linked here and here tomorrow morning. The show also screens on Thursday October 2nd at 12.30pm on Face TV.

This week Graham Beattie is talking to crime fiction author Paul Thomas while Carole chats to poet/author Paula Green.