Poetry Shelf readings: Claudia Jardine

Poetry Shelf readings is a new series that celebrates recently published poetry collections with an audio performance. Claudia Jardine’s sublime debut collection, Biter, is published by Auckland University Press, April 2023. I will be posting a review of the book in the coming weeks. In the meantime take a listen:

‘Palatine Anthology Translations’

‘Passing Comment’

‘Power Cut at Hotel Coral’

Claudia Jardine has an MA in classics with distinction from Victoria University of Wellington, where she won the 2020 Alex Scobie Research Prize and a Marsden Grant for Masters scholarship. Her first chapbook, ‘The Temple of Your Girl’, was published in AUP New Poets 7. Her ancestors are from the British Isles and the Maltese Archipelago, and she lives in Ōtautahi.

Auckland University Press page

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