Poetry Shelf poem: ‘Maghrib’ by Khadro Mohamed and Ronia Ibrahim



cotton tassels, soft in between the space of my toes
i’m carrying rosewater pearls in my belly.


unravelling like lilac tissue
cheeks the colour of scorched chilli


the thin veil of night
spreads like butter over the hills

surah Al-fatiha, like a whisper

                                     it floats on an eyelash,         
                                     skims past my fingers

            inhale, exhale,


Khadro Mohamed and Ronia Ibrahim

This poem attempts to highlight the strong presence that Islamplays in our  personal lives, but also in the lives of Muslims in Aotearoa. While our families were not directly affected by the attacks on the 15th of March, 2019, the aftermath was felt by all of us across the motu. We hope that Muslims everywhere continue to use their relationships with Islam as a source of inspiration, strength and something to always be  proud of. 

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