Poetry Shelf noticeboard: CubaDupa Interactive Karaoke Participatory Poetry 27 / 28 March

Interactive Karaoke Participatory Poetry

Book a spot on our glittering Leftbank stage this CubaDupa, where you’ll get to choose from a selection of high-rotation poems to perform to a rapt audience of friends, strangers and the occasional pigeon. Feeling emo? Seducing a crush? Or do you just love…. words? HIT ME BABY ONE MORE RHYME: POETRY KARAOKE is a sequinned love letter to two of our favourite art forms. Presented by Satellites and curated by Chris Tse, this experience features chart-toppers like Mohamed Hassan, Tayi Tibble, and William Shakespeare — and brought to life by a rotating cast of hosts and pop-up performers including Rose Lu, Freya Daly Sadgrove, Brannavan Gnanalingam, Rebecca Hawkes and Eamonn Mara.

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