Poetry Shelf poem: Paula Green’s ‘Twisted Citrus’





Twisted Citrus


I have ordered a box of oranges

lovingly picked from the Gisborne trees

to juice with apples lemon and ginger


because my throat is spiked with nitpicking negativity

from politicians underplaying our collective successes

and overplaying our minor failures


because my heart is missing beats

at the thought of politicians opening borders

without defining safely


because my knees are weakened

by a woman claiming herself as the colour white

and that swamps don’t matter


because my head distrusts a leader

prepared to smash and grab

in order to gain power and get the country back


because I can’t sleep

because our safety might be under threat

because human decency is even more so



and so


I will unpack the box of oranges

and place in a glass bowl so their winter

goodness shines through


Paula Green






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