Poetry Shelf update: new feature





Te Henga /Bethells Beach flask of tea with a good book stop



Poetry Shelf picks from new books


Poetry greetings from gale, hail, rain, sun!

This week I am launching a new feature. I am motivated by the number of high-quality poetry books appearing in Aotearoa this year – the way I’m writing reviews at a snail’s pace, and the way our poetry books could do with a whole lot more attention. So each week I will pick a poem from a new book that has really grabbed me.

Monday Poems are unpublished – and by invitation.

I also plan to do a few theme-based readings – it means we get to hear poets read from across the country.

My idea to invite poets to do an audio or video of themselves reading and discussing one of their own poems is now booked up until November! Yeah.

And there are interviews in the pipeline.

I am still reading and writing at a snail’s pace, Poetry Shelf is alive but andante.


Ngā mihi nui





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