Poetry Shelf update




Today I am launching a new feature on Poetry Shelf that will usually appear on Wednesdays. I have invited Aotearoa poets to read and talk about a poem of their own that matters to them. First up is a breathtaking and utterly necessary poem by Karlo Mila.

Monday features Monday poems – previously unpublished and by invitation from me. I wouldn’t be able to keep the blog going if I opened up to unsolicited material.

Tuesday I post reviews, poems, interviews linked to new Aotearoa poetry books (by me).

Wednesday poets on their own poems (audio or video)

Thursday I post reviews, poems, audios of poems from new books, interviews linked to new Aotearoa poetry books (by me or others).

Friday pieces on poetry, reviews of international poetry books, poetry podcasts by me and others, themed festivals, poetry questions among other things.

Poetry noticeboard daily.


You are welcome to propose reviews of local and international books, interviews with local poets, poetry podcasts, written pieces on poetry.  I can give you a slot on my schedule.









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