Poetry Shelf noticeboard: National Flash Fiction Day is moving online

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National Flash Fiction Day / 22 June 2020

 NFFD 2020 is moving online!


To ensure the safety of our reading and writing community, NFFD moves online this year. Our big day of celebrating the shortest form will include a series of readings, interviews, discussions and prize-givings.
We begin with a new video programme, posted at the Flash Frontier YouTube channel.

Please subscribe and see what’s coming! New books, new stories, new poetry and more.  And beginning June 1: top selections from Micro Madness, and a sneak peek at the NFFD 2020 competition Long List.
Watch this space…!

Judges are deliberating – long lists and short lists coming soon! Winners will be announced at the June 22 online event.



Queries: nationalflash@gmail.com

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