Poetry Shelf connections: Cliff Fell’s ‘On the First Night of Lockdown’


On the First Night of Lockdown


Mottled clouds hanging over roadside paddocks

blistered with autumn

and the road still vanishing into the mountains

where I was looking

to see the new moon’s silver thread

out on the horizon


and thinking of you on your walkways

so far to the north of

these long golden hills strung out with weeds

and thistledown wired all the way

to your city above the troubled sea

where you’d be looking


for the same lop-sided smile


but the moon was in lockdown too

thick barcodes of rain

closing out the doors of the sky

and the road’s white arms flushed dark

with unknowing


Cliff Fell


Cliff Fell lives on the eastern edge of the Motueka river catchment, He has published three books of poems and recently completed a 3600 word prose poem celebrating Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s 101st birthday.










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