Poetry Shelf connections: Kim Meredith’s ‘Keeping tabs’




                                                Keeping tabs




As though it’s any other day

I think about what to wear

later at the kitchen counter

browser open, the world at

my fingertips, make my way

across the globe, notice the

earth holding its breath like

a child under water, for the

first time. Eyes closed tight.

Heart thumping in its chest.

Cheeks bursting. Searching

through half light, reaching

out towards the sun, white

clouds, drawn across  blue

sky. Gather my wits. Draw

breath, closing all tabs.

Find myself at the stove

pour water in the kettle.

Making tea as though it’s

just any other day.


Kim Meredith



Kim Meredith (Samoan, Tokelauan, and Portuguese descent). Her poetry and short stories are founded on reclaiming space for the Pasifika female narrative and have been published in Aotearoa, Hawaii and Mexico. She has collaborated extensively with partner Kingsley Spargo performing to audiences in New Zealand and China. She is co-producing an upcoming album on spoken word and soundscapes ‘Swimming Toward the Sun’ due for release later this year.








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