Poetry Shelf Monday Poem: Janet Charman’s ‘daughters depart’


daughters depart


they are in the waves

beating for shore

as the little fish of their absence

swims in the fissures of my long grown bones


currents take hold


from sentiment

i fall to sediment

where the fumerole heat


in deep




a fontanelle

tells the stalker of memory

the necessity of tenderness



Janet Charman






Janet Charman’s monograph ‘SMOKING! The Homoerotic Subtext of Man Alone’ is available as a free download at Genrebooks. Her essay ‘Mary Mary Quite Contrary’ on Allen Curnow’s suppression of the poetics of Mary Stanley, appears in the current issue on-line of Pae Akoranga Wāhine, the journal of the Women’s Studies Association of NZ.






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