Poetry Shelf pauses for Whakaari White Island



Te Henga dawn



On RNZ National this morning people found it hard to talk about other unrelated things when a terrible tragedy was unfolding. We saw the image of Whakaari White Island erupting yesterday afternoon. Now we begin to hear of the injury and the loss, and the multitude of people – individuals, iwi, communities, helicopter pilots, skippers, medical workers – who have worked, and are still working, bravely and tirelessly. At times putting their own lives at risk. And our Prime Minister is there. Our hearts go out to friends, families, co-workers, co-travellers. Such sadness at the loss and harm, such gladness and gratitude for our leaders and communities. My heart is bursting. Our hearts are bursting.
















1 thought on “Poetry Shelf pauses for Whakaari White Island

  1. Gillian Ward

    We are a country in shock. It is impossible to imagine how the many people directly involved with loved ones and those tirelessly helping in different ways and fields are feeling. Our sympathy and hearts are with them, it goes without saying. Kia Kaha.



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