Poetry Shelf noticeboard: J & K Rolling read poetry in Glenorchy

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J & K Rolling Poetry Reading

When: Friday !st November 7pm

Where: Humboldt Room, Camp Glenorchy, in the town of Glenorchy, located at the headwaters of Lake Wakatipu.


Five years ago, poets Jenny Powell and Kay McKenzie Cooke formed a poetry reading duo dubbing it ’J&K Rolling’ and have visited numerous small rural areas.
J&K Rolling are dedicated to taking poetry to the hinterlands and southern outposts. The rewards are priceless. Local poetry hitherto unknown or heard, tends to come to the surface and there’s always a participatory helpful and interesting discussion held about poetry and writing in Aotearoa in general. Twice now, local poetry groups have been formed after our visit. Glenorchy already has a keen group of book enthusiasts and writers and their own very small library operating every Friday.


To read more about our readings etc. take a look at the J&K Rolling page



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