Poetry Shelf noticeboard: National Poetry Day – Taranaki’s Fantastic Ekphrastic competition


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National Poetry day ideas just keep getting cooler and cooler!

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Fantastic Ekphrastic is open to all ages, from primary school through to adults, and poetry-writing experience isn’t necessary, Winder said.

“People should 100 per cent give it a go. This is your chance to go for it.”

The winners will be announced on August 24, National Poetry Day, and the poems will be on the billboards in the week starting August 25.

The judges are Griffiths, Winder and two other poets.

The art can be seen on Pop Up Poetry Taranaki’s Facebook page. Entries can be sent by email to poet@thebandanabard.com or by snail mail to 7 Brookes St, Inglewood, 4330. Entries must be in by August 9 and cannot exceed 24 lines.

Article here

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