Friday Poetry Talk: Paula Green on International Women’s Day



It is International Women’s Day – the sun is barely up, I am slumbering and musing on life as a woman, on the the past century’s impact on women, on what there is to celebrate and what there is to mourn, thinking of the women poets before me who wrote against the mainstream tide, who spoke out in myriad poetic ways, on my glorious discoveries in writing a big book on women’s poetry, and thinking sideways with breaking heart to the fact women still endure family violence, sexual abuse, workplace bullying, hardship, multiple daily demands, denigration on the grounds of gender, devaluing of a mothering role, and then again I am slumbering and musing and thinking of the women who are reshaping how to lead a nation (Jacinda Ardern and her kindness model), to work in prisons (from poet Blanche Baughan decades ago to novelist Pip Adam), to work with women’s refuges (novelist Sue Orr and poet Angela Andrews)  and the women who are fiercely telling, and have told, their stories in the form of poetry in ways that shake our hearts and minds because they write and wrote from their own truths (Selina Tusitala Marsh, Tusiata Avia, Michele Leggott, Dinah Hawken, Emma Neale, Sarah Broom, Airini Beautrais, Nina Powles, Mary Stanley, Robin Hyde for a start), the women who write and wrote against the model poem and blast my head off (Alison Glenny, Elizabeth Welsh, Tayi Tibble, Joan Fleming, Amy Brown, Janet Frame, Courtney Sina Meredith, Anne Kennedy for a start), and then women who call me sister and are at the end of a phone and have my back and get me though one of the most challenging years of my life – I am slumbering and musing and thinking of you







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