A Poetry Reading: The Kink Poetroversy




This year’s Winter Readings will belatedly
be held in the month of September in
Paekakariki, continuing a popular event
at the City Gallery in Wellington
2003-2008. Each event featured a tribute to an
album or group. This year’s readings form
a tribute to the Kinks.

Sunday, 23 September 2018
Poets: Iain Sharp and Joy MacKenzie (Nelson),
Michael O’Leary and Damian Ruth (Paekakariki),
Mark Pirie, Mary Campbell and Wyeth Chalmers
(Wellington) and Bill Dacker (Otago).
MC: Rob Hack

Venue: St Peter’s Hall, Beach Rd, Paekakariki.
Time: 12-2pm.

Admission to the reading is by koha. Books for
sale from 12.00pm.

Earl of Seacliff Art Workshop (ESAW) will publish
an anthology of poems (free with koha) by the
readers featured to celebrate the event.

Winter Readings are presented by:

HeadworX Publishers

Paekakariki Community Trust

Poetry Archive Trust

Earl of Seacliff Art Workshop

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