Culture trip offers ten great NZ poets


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‘While New Zealand is most famous for its astounding natural beauty, friendly people and now legendary cinematic prowess, it has also been called home by some truly exceptional poets. Here’s a top 10 of New Zealanders who’ve graced the world with their poetry.’

Go here for the ten poets.


This on Janet Frame whose poetry keeps pulling me back, year after year:


Janet Frame

Janet Frame was probably one of – if not the – greatest writers that New Zealand has ever produced. More than that, she was one of the most thought provoking and powerful writers of recent times. So much so that she was frequently spoken of as a Nobel Prize candidate for literature. She was more prolifically a writer of fiction – and that was what she will be chiefly remembered for – but she also published a single book of poetry.

If you’ve never read Frame’s work then you really should. She spent about a decade in mental hospitals after being incorrectly diagnosed with schizophrenia. Of this time she wrote: “I inhabited a territory of loneliness which … resembles the place where the dying spend their time before death, and from where those who do return, living, to the world bring, inevitably, a unique point of view that is a nightmare, a treasure, and a lifelong possession …” Her poetry collection is called The Pocket Mirror.



This is a tip-of-the-iceberg kind of list! Iceberg is not exactly the best trope though.







1 thought on “Culture trip offers ten great NZ poets

  1. Gillian Ward

    I’m glad it said a top ten not the top ten. Where was Hone Tuwhare.? It’s a risk lists like this. Although my list would include some of these poets there are several others who would be in my ten who are not in this on!



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