Hera Lindsay Bird’s event: No Cowards Allowed

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 2.35.42 PM.png


Note from Hera:


I NEVER put on events so you know this is serious. Jack Vening is coming to NZ for the National Young Writers Festival and we have borrowed him for one night only to read alongside some of my favorite fresh, funny & weird NZ writers & comedians Pip Adam Tayi Tibble Rhydian W. Thomas Chris Tse Freya Daly Sadgy and Jonny Potts!

I heard a piece of Jack’s literary Dawsons Creek fanfiction read many years ago at NWYF and it was one of the funniest & most unequivocally brilliant things I have ever encountered. If you like George Saunders or Karen Russell or Lorrie Moore or Mark Leidner or dirtbikes or punching people into submission or high school musical or jokes about Ronald Regan or the sad brawny men of the American Midwest it’s compulsory attendance for you, and if you don’t come Jack will probably put you in a tight, Australian headlock.

I don’t know how else to make you come other than saying, you legally have to, and your mother and I will be extremely disappointed if you don’t. I am so happy with the line up I forgot this was on 9/11. Please bring all your friends, and 0 plane.

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