Kapiti Poets Events: Poets to the People

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from Poets to the People/ Kapiti:

Greetings at this tipping point of the year

In May we had the pleasure of Karen Zelas as our guest, and a very appreciative audience enjoyed her reading, her evocative words and memories and her talent.

We’re so lucky that fine poets accept our invitations to read, and our June guest, Stefanie Lash, continues this at our midwinter event: Sunday 25 June 4–6pm.

Stefanie is a poet and archivist living in Wellington. Her poems have appeared in various journals including Sport, Takahe and Turbine. Her first book, Bird Murder, published by Makaro Press in 2014, indicates the range of her talent.

It is a gothic murder mystery telling of the demise of a ruined banker, set in the not-quite fictional town of Tusk. At the heart of the story is the sacred bird, the huia: its beauty, curiosity and ‘fluted conversation’, and the consequences of its slaughter by early settlers.

Helen Rickerby comments in a blog: ‘[Bird Murder] is made up of poems in the same strict form – five stanzas of three lines each – but there is such variety in this book … the styles and tones … line lengths. The sum of the parts adds up to a unique collection that is by turns magical, grim, humorous, mysterious, strange and very satisfying.’

Be sure to experience this distinctive new poetic voice.



For your diary. Confirming again the next few months of our programme.


July – Maria McMillan with Airini Beautrais

August – Bob Orr

September – Tim Jones

October – Chris Tse

November – tbc (aka anon) (as yet)

Looking forward as always to seeing and hearing from you. Karen Zelas commented after her reading: ‘I loved hearing the range of poetry in the open mic section. You have a vibrant and strong group of poets.’

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