Micro Madness 2017 – today a NZ story

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Welcome to Micro Madness 2017

A story a day June 1 – June 22


Celebrating the smallest stories – micros up to 100 words – selected from entries from around the world by this year’s judges Frances Gapper (UK) and Rachel Smith (NZ).


Thank you to all who entered the competition.

Congratulations to these 22 writers, whose stories have appeared this month:


Celia Coyne * Judy Darley * Jude Higgins * John Holland  

Gail Ingram* Ingrid Jendrzejewski * Jac Jenkins * Pam Laird

Fiona Lincoln * Agnes Marton * Heather McQuillan  

Zoe Meager * Vivienne Merrill * Steven Moss * Keith Nunes

 Clair Polders * Santino Prinzi * Laurie Stone * Sally Syson  

Vivian Thonger * Sophie van Llewyn * Iona Winter


The top three winners are shared June 20, 21 and 22.

Please go to the Micro Madness page to read all of June’s stories

and watch this space as the last three unfold each day.




Micro Madness 2017

Info: nationalflash@gmail.com



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