On tonight: Bridges by Bill Manhire and Norman Meehan


7.30PM | 20 JUNE | TICKETS $28



Bridges is song cycle composed by Bill Manhire and Norman Meehan with vocalist Hannah Griffin, and accompanied by Blair Latham (guitars, reeds) and Andrew Laking (double bass).

Drawing from Old Norse tales and poems (including the medieval Norwegian “Draumkvæde” or “Dreamsong”), and supplementing these with his own texts, New Zealand poet Bill Manhire has assembled a suite of poems that together form an episodic narrative tracing journeys and a variety of crossings-over.

Central to the narrative is Bifröst: a burning and trembling rainbow bridge that, in Norse mythology, reaches between Midgard (the world) and Asgard, the realm of the gods. Ancient bridges like Bifröst and Gjallarbrú – which spans the river Gjöllin in the underworld – seem to involve journeys between this and other worlds, and often involve tests as one makes the journey.


Duration: 60 minutes