Laurence Fearnley’s new novel – a taste of my review



The Quiet Spectacular
Laurence Fearnley
Penguin, $38

‘Laurence Fearnley’s new novel is a lovely read, a moving read.

Three women are the heart of the book: Loretta, Chance and Riva. We meet them individually, but their lives overlap and begin to knot together. It is a novel of so many things — friendship, dangerous women, smothering mothers, dutiful daughters, undutiful daughters, land care, books.

It is a novel of ideas and it is a novel of empathy.’


My review is published today in the Press and The Dominion. For my complete review go here.

I love this book. I love its slowness and its penetrating heart. The title is a perfect fit.

This morning when I was shedding glumness, I decided a daily dose of the quiet spectacular is a necessary balm. Just looking out at the rolling sea mist and the tail of the Waitakere ranges and the spiky nikau. That will do. Or a novel like this.

Interview on Standing Room Only.

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